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Home Sweet Home [06 Feb 2009|02:47pm]
[ mood | listless ]

We are practically moved in all the way. The office is still pretty much filled up with some boxes and Kevin's shit. Even though it really isn't shit to him. But when there is a bag with a girly fossil watch box, Austyn's toys and... a condom. It needs to be trasssssssssshhed.
Nip/Tuck is fucked up.Hmmm. But it's so good.
NUGH, theres a smudge on the TV screen.
We're still looking for someone to take the apartment. I've recently got 5 emails of people interested. Well see how thigns go. It sucks that it's come to the point where I share my life with livejournal because.. I feel like there's no one around..
I still can't believe it. I just..want...want to forget. Bury it. Bury it. Bury it.
GOD N/T is fucked up.
My living room is a light, lime green. The bedroom is cherry cobbler red.
It's nice that after today, one room in the house has been "broken in".
I looked through old pictures. I need to lose weight. I was so much happier then. I was so carefree. I wish my period would just fucking start.
I want.. or possibly...need to.. yes, start over.
I want to just cry. Cry so hard 'til I can't breathe. Maybe it would just take care of everything. That way I won't have to say anything or pretend to be anything anymore. I hate Jet's.
We're changing from Friday & Saturdays being open until 11 to Midnights now. I need to quit. I've begun my 5th year. My fifth year. It's disgusting. Things have become too personal.
I just hope that they see me the same way I see them. I have no one else.
Yay for self-pity entries.

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I learns stuffz. [30 Oct 2008|09:17am]
The more and more I start learning about politics, the more I really start to think that the people in Michigan are complete morons.
I mean, I'm watching these people drive around with their McCain bumper stickers, the banners on their yards, and I want to hurt them. I just don't understand how you can be driving this piece of shit car, that is rusted over, you're driving on the spare, you can't afford to put ANY money into it because you need it to, well, ya know, LIVE. But then it kind of hits, it's so stupid and overrated, but they're just too proud to admit that they're racist.
That has to be it. Unless they're all hillbilly idiots who just choose white power over everything. The only reason I really think this is because, McCain pulled out of Michigan. He dropped us. No more commercials. Canceled any showings here. No McCain campaign in Michigan. Why would you go and vote for someone to try and make things better economically for US, if he already GAVE UP on us?? People just really need to grow up and stop thinking of it as having a black president. It's not like he's gonna get elected and then all of a sudden the "ghetto" side of him will all of a sudden pop out of no where and turn all of Michigan into the bad side of Detroit. It's just so fucking aggravating that people really do not want to go out and pick someone because of the obvious choice who will make our lives a bit better and easier. We don't need another 4 years of some old, rich, white grumpy asshole to give money to his friends and ignore the little people.
Ok. I'm done now.
You don't like it, don't read it. :)
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Oh god. [19 Oct 2007|12:32pm]

That happened last night, right down the street from me.

I really hope its not who I thought it was.
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Friends Only! [22 Sep 2005|11:27pm]
[ mood | dirty ]


Sorry, same rules still apply here! Don't want to take any chances! :D
Sorry guys, things are too intimate and risky to be leaving it out in public.

Plus, you never know if someone is watching.

Getting on board
- Leave a comment. [Duh.]
- After I check you out, there's a good chance you'll be added.
- Start any bullshit, you're gone.
- Thinking you're "the shit" won't even get you on.
- Be your fucking self and everything will be fine.

- Don't ever fucking lie.

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